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    THOMAS TROTTER, A Shropshire Idyll
    DVD/CD set of The Organ of St Laurence’s Church, Ludlow


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    Thomas Trotter
    A Shropshire Idyll
    The Organ of St Laurence’s Church, Ludlow

    ' compelling aplomb…imposing… virtuosic pedal work superbly captured by director Gary Cole, whose framing of Trotter's hands and feet throughout the recital is exemplary.'                                                                  Choir & Organ July 2014 *****

    ‘...the DVD is a revelation. The first thing you notice is that the whole programme is played from memory. The second is the complete assurance with which the player manages the instrument.

    Every registration is judged to perfection; every solo is exactly balanced by the accompaniment: every
    crescendo and diminuendo is precisely controlled. In every instance, one feels that this is the definitive version of this piece of music....Overall, one of the best recitals I have ever heard; not to be missed.’

    Organists’ Review September 2014

    'brilliant musicianship of Thomas Trotter, who is captured playing the whole programme from memory ' BBC Music December 2014

    'A stunning production, in line with the high standard of Regent Records and Thomas Trotter. ' August 2014

    'The playing is predictably splendid, with Trotter’s magnificent technique and control not just audible but visible in this case. He survives the unforgiving camera with alacrity, performing immaculately with no music..
    ..This is a DVD which should be in the collection of every serious student, player or lover of the organ.'
    Sydney Organ Journal Spring 2014

    Thomas Trotter, one of the world’s greatest organists, presents a programme of music to mark the 250th anniversary of the organ in St Laurence’s Church, Ludlow – the church where the ashes of A E Housman, writer of A Shropshire Lad, are buried.

    The DVD features a performance video of the programme. In extra features Thomas Trotter talks about the music he performs on the recording, and Shaun Ward, Director of Music at St Laurence’s Church, gives a tour of the organ.

    DVD Video in 5.0 and stereo
    An audio CD of the performance programme is also included. Audio CD in stereo

    Concerto in B flat Major, op 4, no 2 – George Frideric Handel, arr Thomas Trotter
    1    i     A tempo ordinario (0:54/0:48)    
    2    ii     Allegro (5:40/4:47)
    3    iii    Adagio (0:43/0:42)  
    4    iv    Allegro ma non presto (3:31/3:27)

    Three Dances
    5    Brande champanje – anon, 16th century (1:24/1:16)
    6    Daphne – anon, 17th century (4:51/4:51)
    7    Almande – anon, 16th century (1:31/1:24)

    Trumpet Voluntary in D, no 1 – William Boyce
    8    i    Larghetto (1:50/1:42)    
       ii    Vivace (2:33/2:31)   

    10    The tune of Holsworthy Church Bells,
            played on the carillon of St Laurence Church, by Thomas Trotter   
            Holsworthy Church Bells – Samuel Sebastian Wesley (7:07/6:56)

    Sonata in G, op 28 – Sir Edward Elgar
    11    i     Allegro maestoso (9:07/8:59)  
    12     ii    Allegretto (4:49/4:48)
    13    iii    Andante espressivo (6:51/6:50)    
    14     iv   Presto (comodo) (6:39/6:44)

    15    Fourths, Mostly – Michael Nyman (9:01/8:48)

    6      Crown Imperial – William Walton (8:43/8:21)

    Total DVD performance duration: 74:19

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