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    Bliss - Elgar - Williamson, Tom Bell plays the Harrison and Harrison organ of Durham Cathedral


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    Bliss - Elgar - Williamson
    Tom Bell
    The Harrison and Harrison organ of Durham Cathedral

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    "It [Williamson's organ Symphony} is a work of immense power and profundity that grips the listener and will not let go. It alone would be enough to rank Williamson with Howells and Leighton among the foremost British composers for the organ in the 20th century....HIs symphony is brilliantly played here by Tom Bell on the organ of Durham Cathedral, an instrument that seems ideally suited to it"
    American Record Guide July-August 2013

    i"This is a marvellous recording, full of light, from a charismatic and virtuosic musician."
    Organists' Review June 2013

    This début recording from virtuoso organist, Tom Bell, showcases works by three twentieth-century Masters of the King’s, or Queen’s, Music: Sir Edward Elgar, Sir Arthur Bliss, and Malcolm Williamson.

    Recorded on the magnificent Harrison & Harrison organ in Durham Cathedral, the recording features transcriptions of orchestral works by Bliss (who wrote no original organ music), together with original organ works by Elgar and Williamson.

    The centrepiece of the recording is Williamson’s monumental six-movement Symphony for Organ. Rarely played, and here receiving its first modern recording on CD, this work is a pinnacle of the organ symphony repertoire, and demonstrates a kaleidoscope of vivid organ colour and technical demands in its 40 minutes.

    1    Overture (Caesar and Cleopatra)
         – Arthur Bliss (1891–1975) arr. Robert Gower (b. 1952) (3:22)
    2    March (Things to Come) – Bliss arr. Gower (2:22)
    3    Ballet for Children (Things to Come) – Bliss arr. Gower (4:27)
    4    Intermezzo (Miracle in the Gorbals) – Bliss arr. Gower (3:24)
    5    Fanfare for the Lord Mayor of London – Bliss arr. Gower (2:00)
    6    Bridal Ceremony (Adam Zero) – Bliss arr. Gower (3:32)

    from Vesper Voluntaries – Sir Edward Elgar (1857–1934)
    7    III Andantino (3:18)  
    8    V  Poco lento (2:38)
    9    VI Moderato (1:42)
    10    The Tame Bear (Wand of Youth, Suite 2) – Elgar arr. Bernard Walker (1901-99) (2:14)
    11    Seven Waves Away – Bliss arr. Gower (2:25)

    Symphony for Organ – Malcolm Williamson (1931–2003) (40:09)
    12    1 Prelude (2:48)
    13    2 Sonata (8:04)
    14    3 Aria I (7:40)
    15    4 Toccata (4:23)
    16    5 Aria II Passacaglia (8:12)
    17    6 Paean (9:01)

    18    The Rout Trot – Bliss arr. Gower (2:59) 

    Total Playing time: 74:33    

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