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    Regent Records Equipment at May 2009


    • AKG414ULS Multi pattern (4)
    • DPA 4006-TLX Omni (2)
    • Millennia HV-3D 8 channel Preamps
    • Neumann TLM170 Multi pattern (2)
    • Neumann KM84i Cardioid
    • Schoeps Colette Series, with CMC5 and interchangeable capsules (2) Capsules available: MK2S, MK4, MK21
    • Sennheiser 8020 Omni Matched pair
    • Sonic Studio Model 305 8-channel 192/24 Firewire Interface
    • Soundfield SP422B
    • Jecklin Schneider disc


    • Mackie 1604-VLZPro 16 channel mixer
    • Metric Halo MIO Software console 80-bit digital Mixer
    • Yamaha O3D Digital mixer


    • Genex GX2000 Magneto-optical disc recorder (20/24 bit)
    • Sony PCM2700A Professional 4-head DAT, with off-tape monitoring
    • Panasonic Professional DAT recorder
    • Fostex CR500 Professional CD recorder
    • Metric Halo MIO 2882+DSP Expanded Mobile 8-channel 96/24 Firewire Interface
    • Sonic Studio Model 305 8-channel 192/24 Firewire Interface
    • Apple MacBook Pro running Steinberg Nuendo 4 (location recording only - not editing) and Sonic Studio soundBlade
    • Sony 1000ES DAT recorder


    • Sonic Studio soundBlade CD premastering system - high-resolution system for DVD audio editing, CD editing,  preparation and mastering, with 48-bit signal paths and double  precision filters, multi-channel 192 KHz support, Surround sound  editing and PQ encoding. The '4-point' editing model and crossfade editor of the Sonic Studio sytem allows sophisticated editing for Classical and acoustic music far beyond simple 'sequencer' style software such as Nuendo (which we use for location recording only).
    • Apple Mac Pro computers
    • Sonic Studio HD
    • Teac Professional CD pre-mastering and editing single-speed CD writer
    • Exabyte 8505 Tape Drive
    • Compaq DLT Tape drive for back-up and DVD Mastertape delivery
    • Steinberg Nuendo Media Production System for DVD post production
    • Apple DVD Studio Pro - DVD Video authoring software
    • Altiverb 6 - convolution reverberation software
    • Melodyne


    • Genelec 8040A active Surround system (Location)
    • B&W Matrix 801 (Studio)
    • Chord SPA 2232 Amplification (Studio)
    • Sennheiser 600 headphones (4)
    • Sennheiser 650 headphones (1)
    • 6-way headphone distibution system


    • High-quality cabling
    • Wide range of microphone stands from  K&M, Beyer and Manfrotto
    • Ambient 'jumbo' pole boom and Manfrotto base stand for organ recordings, giving 14m vertical or 11m horizonal reach.
    • Custom built Studio talk-back and red light system (Main and satellite systems)
    • Closed-circuit television
    • Studio Lighting
    • Portable heating
    • Location Artist hospitality box (tea - various types, coffee, sugar, biscuits, soft toilet roll  etc)


    • Design industry-standard Apple Macintosh iMac computers running OS X with professional software, including Quark XPress 7, Photoshop 7 etc.


    • Sibelius 5 - music typesetting


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