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    A Candle to the glorious Sun
    A Candle to the glorious Sun, Sacred songs by John Milton and Martin Peerson


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    A Candle to the glorious Sun, Sacred songs by John Milton and Martin Peerson
    The Chapel Choir of Selwyn College,Cambridge Directed by Sarah MacDonald
    Editions and reconstructions by Richard Rastall

    First recording of the complete sacred music by the English Tudor composer, John Milton (father of John Milton the poet) coupled with a selection of sacred works by Milton’s renowned contemporary,  Martin Peerson..

    ' of quality and worth hearing, especially when performed with such skill, sensitivity and delicacy." Church Music Quarterly November 2008

    O woe is me for thee (à 5)    Milton
    If ye love me (à 4)    Milton
    Psalm 27 (York Tune, first setting) (à 4)   
    I am the Resurrection and the life (à 5)    Milton
    O God, that no time dost despise (à 4)    Peerson
    Psalm 134 (Southwell Tune) (à 4)   
    O let me at thy footstool fall (à 5)    Peerson
    Lord, ever bridle my desires (à 5)   
    O had I wings like to a dove (à 5)    Milton
    If that a sinner’s sighes (à 5)   Milton
    Thou God of might (à 4)   
    O Lord behold my miseries (à 5)   
    Psalm 138 (York Tune, second setting) (à 4)    Milton
    How doth the holy City (à 6)   
    (Second part) She weepeth continually (à 6)   
    Who will rise up with me? (à 5)   
    (Second part) But when I said (à 5)   
    Psalm 102 (Norwich Tune) (à 4)    Milton
    When David heard that Absolon was slaine (à 5)    Milton

    Total playing time: 68:12

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