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    Motets français pour voix aiguës (for upper voices)
    La Maîtrise de Toulouse, Conservatoire de Toulouse, Direction Mark Opstad


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    Motets français pour voix aiguës (for upper voices)
    La Maîtrise de Toulouse
    Conservatoire de Toulouse
    Direction Mark Opstad
    Orgue William Whitehead
    Viole de gambe Géraldine Bruleyx
    Timbales Jean-Loup Vergnet

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    'rock-solid intonation, crispness of articulation, scrupulous attention to balance, confident solo work, and much else besides... All in all, then, this is a highly successful follow-up to the previous release, and it is crowned by a brilliatnt performance of Poulenc's Litany to the Black Virgin of Rocamadour. Its calculatedly angular and coolly dispassionate harmonies, compounded by the chalenging organ part, are actually, of course passionate in the extreme, Poulenc at his most determinedly intense. I am tempted to say the disc is worth acquiring for this track alone, but actually, it is worth acquiring for everything it contains. ' International Record Review May 2014


    Bouzignac, Boesset, Danielis, and Campra are 16th-17th Century composers with roots in and around Toulouse. Their music is delivered with clarity, verve, and exemplary control, and with the gamba and organ on hand to back up the choral counterpoint. A beguiling sense of elegance jumps across the centuries to the long melodic lines of Fauré, which sound natural and effortless despite their difficulty. Plenty of adult choirs could learn from the innocent, unforced spiritual connection forged by the choir with Poulenc’s Litanies and Duruflé’s much-traveled ‘Tota pulchra es’. Things remain stylish as the dissonances pile up in contemporary works by Patrice Libes (b 1960) and Marc Bleuse (b 1937), the director of the Toulouse Conservatoire, whose In Manus Tuas (with percussion) is the longest work (15 minutes) on this distinguished program.'

    American Record Guide July 2014

    ‘From the outset we realise that we are in the hands of fearless and confident young musicians who live and love every note. Totally unphased by difficult. complex writing...Maitrise has a number of meanings: for instance: Master, or Mastery, though in this instance Mastersingers seems the most appropriate, for that is  exactly what these young musicians are! ...To OR readers I cannot recommend this thrilling CD strongly enough!’ Organists’ Review September 2014

    'Singing throughout the CD is crisp, clean and is perfectly balanced with the accompanying instruments. The recording demonstrates the huge richness of pre-Revolutionary French vocal and choral music and indeed a renaissance in French choral writing in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. I really enjoyed the works on the CD' Sydney Organ Journal Spring 2014

    'Although every moviegoer conversant with Les Choristes (2005) will long ago have recognised how high a level France’s best choirs can reach, even the French themselves are unlikely to be acquainted with most of the material here, or with the excellent Toulouse choristers involved.' Organ Australia Summer 2014

    Tota pulchra es  Guillaume Bouzignac (c.1587–c.1643)    3:02   
    Domine salvum fac regem (Antoine?) Boesset (1587–1643)    2:08
    Magnificat  Boesset        5:37
    Adoro te  Daniel Danielis (1635–96)    5:08
    Jesu dulcissime pastor Danielis        4:33       
    Tota pulchra es André Campra (1660–1744)    5:32
    Diligam te Domine* Campra        5:57
    Ave verum Op.65 no.1 Gabriel Fauré (1845–1924)     3:53
    Regina coeli Op.115 no.2 Henri Büsser (1872–1973)    1:33   
    Litanies à la Vierge Noire Francis Poulenc (1899–1963)     8:27
    Tota pulchra es Op.10 Maurice Duruflé (1902–86)    2:33
    O quam suavis est Op.76 Pierre Villette (1926–98)    3:44
    Litanies* Patrice Libes (1960–)         7 :25
    In manus tuas, Domine* Marc Bleuse (1937–)    15:10

    *premier enregistrement/first recording
    Durée totale/Total Playing time: 74:44    

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